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New social community highlights positive behaviors

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Are you or your company doing your part to slow the spread of the coronavirus? If you are following the physical distancing guidelines, donating time, products or services to #doyourpart during the pandemic, you can share the good news on a new social community called Do Your Part. You can even post updates about simple behaviors to help #stopthespread, such as washing your hands or staying home.

You can post your positive behaviors and actions on the app.

This new virtual community launched in response to calls for human actions and behaviors to stop the spread of COVID-19. Businesses that are donating goods or services can be featured by completing a form on the Do Your Part website at

Download the mobile app in the Apple store at There is no Android app yet.

Download the Do Your Part app in the App Store. There is no Android app yet.

“We created as a tool that we feel our government would like families, companies and influencers everywhere to have to help stop the spread of COVID-19 and flatten the curve,” said Dean Grey, CEO of Skylab Apps. “Through and the Do-Your-Part App, each person can see the significant impact that even one singular action can have in the fight to beat this virus.”

Skylab Apps provides apps and mini-social networks that allow organizations, communities and influencers to own their own platforms. They developed the social community in concert with Sirqul, a location-based artificial intelligence (AI) company.

The app offers a variety of channels, such as kids entertainment options, virtual shows, funny memes, home workouts, breaking news podcasts and music suggestions complete with self-isolation playlists. It also features links to breaking news and podcasts. The app automatically posts updates that detail users’ actions, a feature that may not be appreciated by those who prefer not to broadcast all of their online actions.

The app offers a variety of channels.

This is a new offering so there is little engagement at this time. The audience may grow as word spreads.

The new social community’s mission, as posted on its website:

“The mission is to showcase & reward the specific behaviors required to flatten the curve & keep citizens of all ages from feeling alone or scared during isolation with humor and positivity. This website & app will not be used for profit and all data will be deleted after this emergency is over.”

Do Your Part mission

Simple gestures can speak volumes. Stay home. Flatten the curve. Wash your hands.

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26 comments on “New social community highlights positive behaviors

I haven’t seen this app yet, it sounds interesting I’ll give it a try 🙂

Lavern Moore

This is such an altruistic cause to gate behind. So glad this company is doing so.

Kimberly Caines

This is new to me, I might check this out. Sounds pretty interesting to try.


This is a very crucial time and every single human being is contributing selflessly.

I like the positivity that is highlighted by taking initiatives. I will check out this app 🙂

Lavern Moore

You are so right about this being positive. This is really good!

Great tips! I can feel like my own mood and powers shift every day. I might be productive and happy just to feel tired and not motivated at all

Love anything that encourages people to be more supportive in flattening the curve. We all need to do our part.

Well, I’m learning all sorts of amazing stuff today and this app is a game changer. Downloading right now.

Awesome idea! I’ll have to check out this app.

Do your part is one of the many initiatives we need during this challenging time.

Do your part is a social platform really is what we need right now to spread the awareness about heroism of ordinary people in the hope that others with follow the same too

Love to read this great idea, the mission is good and implementable, Thanks for sharing this to us!

Rhonda Albom

What a great idea. In New Zealand we’ve been doing alright due to a nationwide lockdown but I imagine in many other countries this will be really helpful. And also helpful in NZ in the future, once we leave quarantine but still have to deal with traces of the virus.

Lavern Moore

Seems like you took action really quickly in response. These ares some really good resources you provided.

Blair villanueva

Thanks for sharing this update. I will definitely check this app very soon.

Amazing. It’s the first time I hear about this. I might check this one out. Thanks for sharing this to us!

I love the mission-vision of this app. I think I’ll download it too. It’s very timely with the global pandemic.

Now I know about an Activity Wall and thanks a lot for the info. – Knycx Journeying

Eileen M Loya

I will check this out. We’ve stopped watching the news. It is getting to be so depressing. Other social media platforms are the same. We need more smiles, more positivity, and more caring in this critical time. I will let my friends and family know about Do Your Part.

Natalia Vorche

Wow, I love this and this is my first time to heard about this Activity Wall I really need some positivity today and I will share this to my friends

i love their mission statement. sounds like they hit it right on. hope it is successful.

wow i havent heard of Activity wall , so will be downloading it , i think that we all need some positivity right now

Daniel Sierra

This sounds like the perfect app. It has a lot of features and I am glad I am doing my part!

Do Your Part sounds like the exact kind of social media platform we’ve been needing for so long in this world. There is so much negativity out there. We need more of this.

I need to give this a closer look. Our world needs more positivity and goodness, especially in these times.

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