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LinkedIn marketing reaches up to 663.3 million pros

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Your organization can reach up to 63 percent of American professionals through LinkedIn marketing. With 663.3 million users, the world’s largest professional networking platform boasts a 12 percent eligible reach for the entire global adult population.

These numbers are extrapolations of January 2020 data from LinkedIn’s self-service advertising tools. LinkedIn’s advertising audience figures are based on total (registered) members, not monthly active users, so their numbers may not be directly comparable to similar data points for other platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

Aristeen gathered most of this data from the 247-page Digital 2020 Global Digital Overview published by Hootsuite and We Are Social. The massive report highlights how consumers use the internet, mobile devices, social media and e-commerce.

For more details, read our related blog post: Report reveals growing global digital engagement. We harvested the 6 LinkedIn-specific slides from the massive document to create the Digital 2020 LinkedIn Report. We did not edit or manipulate the content contained on the slides. Click the link below to read the document or click the button to download.

LinkedIn marketing reach rankings

With more than 160 million users, the United States holds the No. 1 spot for the greatest potential LinkedIn advertising reach. India ranks No. 2 with 62 million users. China is No. 3 with 50 million users. See the slide below for the top 20 countries and territories with the greatest potential advertising reach.

Countries and territories with the greatest potential LinkedIn advertising reach

Advertising audience profile

The largest share of LinkedIn’s global advertising audience, at 35 percent, are men 25 to 34 years old. Women in the same age group hold the second spot, at 24 percent. See the demographic slide below for more details regarding age and gender.   

Share of LinkedIn’s global advertising audience by age group and gender

Advertising audience overview

LinkedIn hosts the largest database of professional and career insights in the world. And its advertising reach continues to grow.

The slide below details the potential number of consumers your organization’s marketing efforts can reach using LinkedIn advertising.

Potential number of consumers your brand can reach using LinkedIn advertising

As you update your social media marketing strategy, be sure to use the robust data offered in the Digital 2020 report. You can see from the insights offered here that LinkedIn should be a part of your marketing plan if you want to reach corporate professionals or businesses of any size.

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Elizabeth O

Wonderful. I have had LinkedIn from the earliest days… I still like it but, I don’t use it as much. It is a useful resource.


I need to get my LinkedIn game on. I’ve been postponing on putting my profile there for far to long. Thanks for this info.

Linkedin is not only a very helpful tool but very powerful. Many ignore it and haven’t jumped in that bandwagon yet.

Wow this is very interesting!!! LinkedIn keeps surprising me

Wow,m I never thought about LinkedIn in this way before. Thanks for the new information that was really interesting!

Linkedin is a very important tool for talent hunting and gathering credible information on a specific subject. Of late it has been marketing its offering aggressively which was a need of the hour for a long time so i see the reach going higher in the weeks and months to come. Nevertheless, thanks for an informative blog post. As Peepal Kothi, we try to gather B2B leads for people who are looking for a farmstay in India and the rate of conversion through Linkedin leads is higher than other social media channels.

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