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Omit needless words

Writing tips to keep your content concise

Website visitors are fickle. It’s no wonder, with 2 billion sites competing for their attention. Research shows more than half of website visitors spend 15 seconds or less on a page.

What’s a digital communicator to do?

Heed Strunk & White’s advice. Their timeless grammar manual, “The Elements of Style,” explains why you should keep it short:

Shorten & simplify

When you use extra words, you waste readers’ time. And you waste limited space on your website and other digital marketing materials.

  • Instead of in order to, write to.
  • Instead of utilize, write use.
  • Instead of approximately, write about.
  • Instead of the question as to whether, write whether.
  • Instead of in a hasty manner, write hastily.

If you have a sense of humor (as most writers think they do), watch the Strunk & White grammar rap video below. We at Aristeen found it hilarious!

Be clear brief bold with each story told
If it’s your goal to turn ink to gold.