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Omit needless words

Writing tips to keep your content concise

Website visitors are fickle. It’s no wonder, with 2 billion sites competing for their attention. Research shows more than half of website visitors spend 15 seconds or less on a page.

What’s a digital communicator to do?

Heed Strunk & White’s advice. Their timeless grammar manual, “The Elements of Style,” explains why you should keep it short:

Shorten & simplify

When you use extra words, you waste readers’ time. And you waste limited space on your website and other digital marketing materials.

  • Instead of in order to, write to.
  • Instead of utilize, write use.
  • Instead of approximately, write about.
  • Instead of the question as to whether, write whether.
  • Instead of in a hasty manner, write hastily.

If you have a sense of humor (as most writers think they do), watch the Strunk & White grammar rap video below. We at Aristeen found it hilarious!

Be clear brief bold with each story told
If it’s your goal to turn ink to gold.
Tracey Birkenhauer
Tracey Birkenhauer

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